Monday, November 23, 2009

The problem with puppies they think they can get milk from your nose.

Muskrat, muskrat, candlelight....

Wildcat Creek in northern Indiana

We were paddling the Wildcat about six or so weeks ago. T isn't a photographer, but he has very strong wildlife-spotting skills, which, along with his fire-starting talents, make him a very good outdoor partner for me indeed. He had this water-dwelling gentleman spotted while I was still staring blankly into the trees thinking about dinner that night. Other than swimming in circles around his nest, he didn't seem terribly concerned about our presence. T paddled the canoe around for several minutes to give me the best possible angle to get his portrait, and I fired off fifty or sixty frames.

For all my otter-loving buddies, something for your Monday morning

...Or in Fran's case, your Monday afternoon/evening.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blog upkeep note

Facebook really does chew up a lot of the inclination that used to go to blog posting. So I've decided to start cross-posting.

On another note, I was reading through the original THC archives the other day. I used to be funny. Does anyone know where I misplaced my sense of humor? Or do funny things just not happen to me anymore?

Wherein Thomas suffers for my art. But not for very long.

"No, Thomas. Stay!"

"Okay, Thomas. Go get it!"

Inspired by Jon Katz and his Lab, Lenore.